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George is continuing to improve!

In the last couple of days his hair is growing back around his paws, they are no longer red or even dark pink. No heat, no irritation, hes been soooooo calm,  no licking at all.

❤❤❤❤❤  I believe he is truly healing from the inside out!

He never got better in the past until well after the first frost and we have not even had a frost yet this year!

Thank you so much for your guidance in this process! 

We really appreciate everything and all of your help, you have made a big impact on George's life!            Jana P.

Roxie has made tremendous progress with her health thanks to the help of Thrive. Our vet stated there was little that could be done for Roxie's incontinence and it would worsen over time. Roxie would need to be on medication and would have to stop going on long walks as they were contributing to her incontinence episodes. This was unsettling as the medication could effect her liver and Roxie loves her long walks.

We began a nutrition program with Thrive, and within a short period of time Roxie was no longer having any issues with incontinence.

Thanks to the work that Dr. Sue and Kate have done with Roxie’s nutrition program and the Nutrition Response Testing, Roxie’s overall health has improved, and she has been able to resume the activities she loves.                Michele A.



We brought thirteen-year-old Pete to Dr. Sue after he had been diagnosed with early stage kidney failure. Pete also has arthritis, and was slowing down quite a lot. Dr. Sue suggested some dietary changes, and prescribed some herbal supplements. Within a matter of weeks, we saw a dramatic change in Pete. He was filled with energy, happier, and much more playful. He has begun running and romping with his younger siblings. Even friends have noticed the change in him.

When we went back for testing on his kidneys, all levels were completely back to normal. No more kidney failure.

We’re hoping to keep Pete around for a few more years.  We are so pleased and grateful to see him filled with enthusiasm and a renewed zest for life.   Jan R. 


Dr. Sue treated my aging greyhound, Bella, who had started eating less, sleeping more, and was in general losing her enthusiasm for life. She treated Bella with acupuncture and recommended dietary changes and nutritional supplements. Dr. Sue has a calm and intuitive approach to evaluating and treating animals. She was very attentive to how Bella reacted to treatment and was responsive to Bella’s signs of pain or anxiety. Thanks to Sue’s skill and care, Bella enjoyed better digestion and appetite, more energy and a greatly enhanced quality of life in her final months.                             Kathleen K.

Thanks a million, Marty is doing Great! He has so much more energy, he's much more alert, is taking longer walks, clearly he is not in as much, if any, pain.             Anita P.


It’s been almost 2 months and my angel looks like a new man!  His coat is soft and filled in and I know he is getting full benefit with his custom nutrition plan. If I can prevent or prolong time without medication, I count that a win.  So far so good. Many areas, including his thyroid, are showing improvements.    I truly look forward to the loving attention and care Titan receives each visit.  LOVE IT HERE.   5 star review from this family!      Linda S.

Several weeks ago in January, my beloved dog, Pandora, lost the use of her back legs.  She was given a slim likelihood of recovery.   Dr. Howell implemented electroacupuncture treatments, made changes to her diet, and added herbal therapy. Three weeks of acupuncture later, Pandora is on her 10th day of walking a mile by Laura Burke of Washington Heights Pet Care, our guardian angel.  And of course I am crying writing this.....        Barry S.


Our goal coming to Thrive was to correct the most pressing issue that my dog Bug had, but beyond that to get her back in balance as a whole.  She’s made such great progress and no longer has the digestive problems that originally lead us on this path.  And we keep going, working to restore wellness in all of Bug.            Lydia D.