What people are saying


Dr. Sue treated my aging greyhound, Bella, who had started eating less, sleeping more, and was in general losing her enthusiasm for life. She treated Bella with acupuncture and recommended dietary changes and nutritional supplements. Dr. Sue has a calm and intuitive approach to evaluating and treating animals. She was very attentive to how Bella reacted to treatment and was responsive to Bella’s signs of pain or anxiety. Thanks to Sue’s skill and care, Bella enjoyed better digestion and appetite, more energy and a greatly enhanced quality of life in her final months.                                    Kathleen K.

Thanks a million, Marty is doing Great! He has so much more energy, he's much more alert, is taking longer walks, clearly he is not in as much, if any, pain.             Anita P.


It’s been almost 2 months and my angel looks like a new man!  His coat is soft and filled in and I know he is getting full benefit with his custom nutrition plan. If I can prevent or prolong time without medication, I count that a win.  So far so good. Many areas, including his thyroid, are showing improvements.   I can read all the progress from the Report Cards he receives.  I truly look forward to the loving attention and care Titan receives each visit.  LOVE IT HERE.   5 star review from this family!                                                                      Linda S.