Pet of the Month

Kasha Taylor

Kasha is the love of Nancy’s life. They've gone everywhere together ever since Kasha was a puppy . When Kasha was diagnosed with chronic active hepatitis earlier this year, Nancy wanted to begin a more holistic regimen of care to complement her "regular" veterinary visits. Instead of having Kasha undergo an invasive liver biopsy she came to Thrive for wholistic support.

 Nancy says, "Our first visit to Thrive immediately felt like coming home.  My worries had a place to land as I asked questions of Kate and Dr. Sue, and together we found solutions to begin Kasha's journey to health.  After a liver cleanse for 2 weeks, during which our apartment constantly smelled like fish, and Kasha loved the change from plain old kibble (and I think the smell of fish too)! We changed her diet to fresh and raw meat, vegetables and fruit, used cooling foods that were compatible with her body's systems, spent long, peaceful appointment times at Thrive administering acupuncture, and added supplements for her liver and other body systems to complement the overall treatment plan.  We changed our flea and tick remedies to natural products and reduced the frequency and duration of heartworm medicine to eliminate as many toxins as possible from her life."

 Kasha’s body responded extremely well to these natural tools in combination with her conservative medical plan. After a period of detoxification where Kasha's liver values actually increased for a short period of time and she shed her old haircoat to a shiny new coat underneath,  Kasha’s liver values are now almost normal. 


"Her life force and energy seemed to change back to her old self, she trotted confidently up the mountain trails with me, and I could see she had the endurance and spark she has had most of her life.  I wept with joy to see her eyes bright, her coat shiny, her muscles strong.  My partner, my best friend, and my whole world has returned.  Kasha turns 10 years old on September 4, and I know deep in my heart that we will travel many more mountain miles together.  We began a journey together this year that has changed everything about the way we live our lives, and we have Dr. Sue and Kate to thank for saving Kasha's life.  I have no doubt we will continue our holistic journey together to keep Kasha healthy and strong for many years to come, and my heart sings each day to see my partner trotting ahead of me, leading the way toward the next corner on the trail." 

 Our first visit to Thrive immediately felt like coming home

   My partner, my best friend, and my whole world has returned.