Pet of the Month

Ladybug - December


 I am happy that she is doing so much better. She is back to climbing into a lap and being our sweet little purr machine.

Sue W. 

Lady Bug is 15 years old. She came to Thrive in August because she couldn’t get up onto her chair anymore and was having problems getting in and out of the litterbox. She had a very wobbly walk and was stiff and sore. 

Since then has been receiving regular acupuncture and BioMat* sessions, eating a variety of nutritious foods including liver, taking a veterinary recommended CBD oil supplement and Standard Process Musculoskeletal Support.  Her Mom is also preparing bone broth for her that she drinks every day. 

Lady Bug is now more active, and she is stronger. She is also more comfortable; her appetite is good, and she is now able to jump up onto chairs and sometimes onto the bed. She will also go up and down stairs!

*A BioMat emits far infrared energy and negative ion therapy to help with healing, circulation and discomfort.

Fritz - November


I have a new dog! He is full of energy, playing more, drinking water daily, and he loves going for walks.

Kinga S. 

When we first met Fritz almost a year ago, he was struggling with constant nausea and hunger and was unable to tolerate any food that he was fed.  

He was hardly drinking water and only had some interest in walking. This was the “normal” for Fritz. I spent my days my worrying, stressing, and frequently reaching out to our vet for help/guidance. My dog was eating prescription food for months, because he had to eat something. It wasn’t really working, but everything else made him even sicker after just two days. Expensive tests, thousands of dollars spent, time passing, and we were getting nowhere. 

Fritz joined our Designed Clinical Nutrition Program and through Nutrition Response Testing we found that chemicals, food residue, emotional stress and an old scar from a prior back surgery were holding him back. With nutritional therapy and emotional work Fritz has been able to eat an expanding variety of food and enjoy his life again.

I can finally relax and enjoy my dog, plus most importantly I am a better pet parent. With Dr. Sue’s guidance, I have learned how to listen to my dog, make better choices for him and feed him healthy food. I cannot imagine where we would be or how things would be, if we did not come to Thrive!

Peanut - October


Peanut is back to her spunky little self and loves her new diet! Words can not express how grateful I am to see my baby so happy!!

Autumn  M.

Peanut was very ill when she first came to Thrive. She had reoccuring episodes of diarrhea and an upset tummy. She wouldn't eat and so was so painful that even her Mom couldn't pick her up. Her regular vet had diagnosed her with a gallbladder muceole and thickened intestines. It looked like gall bladder removal surgery was highly probable.

Peanut stayed on her medical program through her regular vet, and Dr. Sue added a diet change,  whole food supplements chosen through Nutrition Response Testing,  and Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy treatments. 

I switched Peanuts diet to a lowfat homemade cooked diet. Dr Sue also put her on a new supplement protocol and we used her PEMF mat, which Peanut loved, daily. 

Within weeks Peanut was feeling so much better. Her follow-up bloodwork looked great and 2nd ultrasound showed no more gallbladder mucocele and the intestinal thickening shrunk!  We were able to avoid surgery!