Holistic Consultation


What is a holistic consultation?

Holistic consultations focus on your goals for your pet and their whole body wellness.  At your visit Dr. Sue will discuss your concerns and review your pet's history and diet.  She will look at how your pet's symptoms relate to specific system imbalances, and use both conventional and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) principles to evaluate your pet.   A supportive care plan will be made, with the focus on correcting body imbalances with natural healing tools rather than just treating your pet's symptoms. Unique diagnostic tests, acupuncture, Nutrition Response Testing or chiropractic care may also be recommended:

  • 1 hour Initial Consultation - $180
  • 20 -40 minute Follow-up Consultation - $65 - $110
  • 20-40 minute Phone or Zoom Consultations - $65 - $125


TCVM Food Therapy

 We use Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) food therapy principles to make food recommendations according to your pet's personality, age, and their body’s changing patterns. We find that food choices should be reevaluated every 3-6 months because of the dynamic way that your pet's body functions. 


Whole Food Supplements

 Thrive adds whole food supplements from Standard Process to your pet's food therapy plan. Whole foods provide vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that can fill in gaps and optimize whole body health. Nutritional therapy complements other conventional and wholistic therapies. It is a form of slow medicine that rebuilds, repairs and supports your pet's body systems over time.