About Dr. Sue

I grew up with animals.  I also grew up eating good food. My Mom was an amazing cook and at our house we almost always ate a fresh, home-prepared meal. However, in veterinary school, I was taught that when it comes to feeding animals, all the nutrition that they needed was in a bag of processed food. For years I only recommended only certain dry food diets for my patients. I didn’t think much about how food could affect their overall health.   

My patients have taught me how feeding functional food can change a pet’s life. When a cat named Star came to see me I wasn't  sure that she would survive. I added whole food supplements and a diet change to her treatment plan. She not only survived - she thrived. She outlived her diagnosis by several years! Pets have taught me that given the right nutritional tools and care, animals have an amazing ability to heal.  


  Integrative care inspired me to get my certification in food therapy and acupuncture from the Chi Institute of Chinese Veterinary Medicine, and to receive ongoing training in Nutrition Response Testing. I also teach locally and nationally on topics like how to make and use bone broth, the power of whole foods, holistic nutrition and food energetics.  At home I’m a proud Mom of two amazing children, Kait and Evan. My animal family includes an incredible rescue dog named Rush and three sassy cats – Lillian, Moe and Shelby. My husband is a professor and an avid cyclist, a love that we share. We like to spend time together on long bike rides and enjoy making and eating good food.